Georg Nees

On long-term loan to the Computer Arts Archive from Sean Clark.

George Nees
Untitled (Butterflies) (!970)

George Nees
Untitled (Surface Ornament) (!970)

George Nees
Untitled (Overlapping Coloured Forms) (!970)

Untitled (Butterflies) This image of floating triangles was created by Nees in 1969 and printed in 1970. The idea of a 'swarm' is one he would return to several times and talks about them as a 'graphical alphabet'. Similar images were showcased in Generative Computergrafik of 1969.

Untitled (Surface Ornament) - This image of interwoven triangles was created in 1970 in collaboration with computer artist Ludwig Rase. A related design was illustrated in Generative Computergrafik of 1969.

Untitled (Overlapping Coloured Forms) - This multi-coloured image was produced in 1970 and was ubckuded in the Ex Machina catalogue of the same date.

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